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About a book: "Enterprise Architekturen"

J2EE/JEE is nothing else, than an abstraction of existing industry products and de facto standards. APIs like JDBC, JMS, JCA hide specific implementation - the service provider interface.

At the begining of a workshop, training, or project, I often had to justify, why I recommended such a complicated and heavy weight framework, like J2EE. Interesting enough, after some iterations, deployments (or after some training days) we find out, that compared to distributed programming J2EE is relatively easy and almost trivial.

The idea of the "Enterprise Architecture" book was born. I tried here to explain the essential principles of architecture, patterns and approaches. I tried also very hard not to mention JEE and remain technology neutral.

I spent many hours in trains, plains (and sometimes in meetings :-)), so I had enough time to write this book.
Because of the scattered time, the content of the book was not always consistent. So I especially would like to thank the reviewers. Without them it would be impossible to produce readible content.
All the reviewers were very motivated and so experienced developers, designer, architects from real world projects. Practical experience was more important for me, then some esoteric opinions from some community-luminaries. I met the reviewers in workshops, meetings and projects - and they have one in common: "The project first approach" or "No Politics" approach.

So special thanks to:

- Bernd Oesterreich: (oose.de - it is not needed to introduce him :-) )  for his general comments, which caused me to refactor some chapters.

- Michael Stachel: chief architect, designer and of course developer. Thank you, especially for the long talks about architecture, community, and esoteric :-). He is not only motivated, but also experienced.
- Sascha Frevel: great hacker, (also designer and architect) and runner :-). Thanks for the very detailed review and fast response.
- Dr. Günther Rackl: architect, linux hacker and still excited about technology approaches etc.. We spent some days in reviews of existing technology and tried to improve a framework. His review was very detailed and high quality.
- Robby Zeitfuchs: extremely motivated, experienced participant of a JEE workshop last year and passionated biker (MTB). Your comments were very helpful.
- Michael Bien: my young brother, 3D, OpenGl, 3D-Desktop hacker. His many comments were very detailed.  I was really suprised about the quality and output.

And my wife - Kinga, for the wonderful cover and very detailed review. She is also very motivated, but not in JEE, rather then Photoshop, InDesign etc.

I would like to use this category to discuss some topics, issues and opinions about this book.


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