Too many XXX 2.0 acronyms

I read the german blogospäre (a nice aggregation of different blogs) entry and found an interesting entry again the buzzword SOA 2.0 article. Because I still didn't understood, what is exciting in SOA 1.0, I'm already affraid of SOA 2.0 :-). In the new economy era everything was either, Java, Capuccino or at least started with "J". Then we had an an "i", then the "grid" phase. Now everything is 2.0.
I'd like to widen petition to to every XXX 2.0 buzzword. I think also the whole Web 2.0 stuff is also more an evolution, than a revolution. New buzzwords only confuse me. I remember the advent of SOA. I read many books, articles and blueprints about serviceorientation and did not understood, what's different comparing it to the architecture of an average enterprise application :-)


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