Using Java (Corretto) for IaC and at runtime for lean, fast, and efficient AWS Lambda Applications --AWS Developer Tools Blog Article

In this article I used Java CDK for provisioning and "vanilla" Java (Corretto) for running "no-dependencies" MicroProfile applications on Quarkus as AWS Lambdas:

"In this post, I will discuss how you can launch large, monolithic applications on top of AWS Lambda, and I’ll show that they perform well and are cost effective. You’ll learn that the same application you develop for Lambda can be run locally or deployed across your favorite AWS container service, without modifications. Furthermore, I’ll introduce you to running Amazon Corretto on ARM64 using Lambda’s Graviton2-based offering. Corretto, Amazon’s version of OpenJDK, is my go-to option, especially for ARM64, because it lets you run a Java Lambda on Graviton processors efficiently and cost-effectively. I’ll be using it to demonstrate how you can use it with Quarkus to build microservices quickly and at low cost." (...)

Read the entire article:

The template project / code is available from:


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