7 Hours, 57 Attendees, No Slides, One IDE and Lot Of Fun With Java EE 6

I really enjoyed the ch-open Workshop Its Not A Trick - It's Java EE 6 in Rapperswil (Switzerland). The previous workshops were based on hundreds of slides - this one on exactly ...three. It was an experiment - I tried to answer every question with source code and deployable example. It worked good so far (at least it was my impression) - we managed to build interactively a working example with CDI, EJB 3.1, JSF 2, JPA 2, Bean Validation, REST (JSON+XML). We also profiled the example and even found a bottleneck (what increased the performance from 70 tx/sec to about 1000)

The workshop was very well organized workshop in a beautiful location.

Got several emails with the question, which tools did I used. It were:

  1. NetBeans 6.9.1 with built-in Glassfish v3 and Derby DB. Just download the "Java" edition. I intentionally didn't used any built-in wizards, templates or generators.
  2. VisualVM
  3. JConsole (comes with JDK)
  4. JMeter
  5. Mockito
  6. JUnit
  7. TextMate
  8. Maven 2 (3 would also work)

Will try next year to offer a best practices workshop - "IDE only" edition. See you at JavaOne!

NEW: Online Workhop Effective WebApps without Frameworks is also coming to: MUC Airport.

Airport MUC workshops: Web (SPA, PWAs, Offline, Desktop, Mobile) Applications Essentials and Effective Web Applications. No migrations. #usetheplatform

Podcast: airhacks.fm and newsletter: airhacks.news

A book about rethinking Java EE Patterns


Sound awesome. Was it recorded? Will it be available in the net?

Best regards,

Posted by Bartek Zdanowski on September 14, 2010 at 01:33 PM CEST #

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