How To Kill A SOA Project - It Started With A Post ...Looking Forward To The Talk At W-JAX

After some interesting experiences in my projects I wrote the post "How To Kill A SOA Project" which was really popular. I got many emails about that. A talk with nearly the same title "How To Kill And Save SOA Project" was accepted at the W-JAX conference - I will reuse the content of the post. The funny story here: it is the SOA track :-).

Furthermore I will talk about Java FX and Java 6 update 10 and probably about EJB 3.1 / JPA 2 as well. All talks in German... If you prefer the English language - come to Jax in San Jose (05.10 - 09.10) :-).

Web Apps, SPA, PWA with vanilla Java Script (ES 6+), CSS 3 and WebStandards only. As simple as possible, but not simpler. See you at: (Progressive) Web apps, Single Page Apps and WebStandards airhacks workshops at MUC airport, Winter Edition the podcast:

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