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Java 6 SE update 10 comes with many non-functional (often not directly visible enhancements). The Cache Viewer is an exception - it is a visual tool which allows the management of all installed webstart and JNLP-installed applets (both were unified) applications. This tool can be launched with [JAVA_HOME]/bin/javaws -viewer. The Java Cache Viewer is able to:

  • list all installed WebStart (and probably cached Applet) applications
  • deinstall existing application
  • reinstall a deinstalled application
  • display the JNLP of a particular application
  • directly (offline/online) execute the application
  • install shortcuts on the desktop (tested on Vista)
  • display the cache size
The Cache Viewer was already available in the JDK 1.6 update < 10, but it is especially usable for the management of new Java 6 u10 applets / webstart apps. I use it mainly to find a "lost" application :-).

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