Java EE 8: Manipulating JsonObjects with JsonPatch

JSON-P (JSR-374) from Java EE 8 comes with JSON Patch support, which can be used for manipulation (patching) of JsonObject instances (see also Java EE 8 and JSON-P Simplify System Testing with JSON Patch):

public void patch() {
    JsonObject sub = Json.createObjectBuilder().
            add("name", "EE4J").

    JsonObject initial = Json.createObjectBuilder().
            add("fact", "Java EE is nice").
            add("myth", "Java EE is heavyweight").
            add("future", sub).

    JsonPatch patch = Json.createPatchBuilder().
            add("/version", "8").
            replace("/fact", "Java EE rocks").
            replace("/future/name", "Jakarta EE").

    JsonObject result = patch.apply(initial);
    System.out.println("result = " + result);


result = {"fact":"Java EE rocks","future":{"name":"Jakarta EE"},"version":"8"}

JSON-P comes as a single maven dependency:


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