Java FX Event Platform, Video Streaming - Nice App

The Ubivents event platform is written Java FX and seems to be used by SAP:

"...Their platform is used by large corporations like SAP, and they have generously offered to host our videos going forward. Therefore, you can now watch all the SvJugFx videos using JavaFX technology!..."

From You can launch it via webstart (no registration required - click on "guest access") and watch Java FX Store, JFrog and Mobiles videos (presentations) in a cinema-like style (see here for screenshots).
Installation is fast (20 seconds on slow connection, with Leo 10.6.3 update in background :-)), the app works smoothly.

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App looks nice although I am getting a MediaUnsupportedException on my cinema screen...

Running on Fedora 12 with Sun JDK 6 update 18 64bit.

Posted by Henry on March 30, 2010 at 12:33 PM CEST #

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