JAX 2009 in Mainz - Some Talks and a Workshop Approved

I'm already looking forward to the Jax 2009 conference in Mainz. Three sessions (To RCP, Or Not To RCP, Premature Encapsulation Is The Root Of All Evil, and Hacking Java EE 6 App from scratch with Rest, SOAP, EJB ... Patterns, Unit Tests in ...60 minutes) and a workshop (Java EE 6 Rethinking Best Practices)  were approved. I guess it will be a great event again. I'm curious about the venue - it's first time in Mainz...

Web Apps, SPA, PWA with vanilla Java Script (ES 6+), CSS 3 and WebStandards only. As simple as possible, but not simpler. See you at: (Progressive) Web apps, Single Page Apps and WebStandards airhacks workshops at MUC airport, Winter Edition

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