JUGs, Conferences and (Streaming) Events

  1. August, 28th, 12:45 pm, Free Live Streaming: "A Note On Java EE Testing" for codepot.pl conference.
  2. September, 3rd, Zurich, Workshop: "Genug ASCII-User Interfaces mit Java EE 7"
  3. September, 14th, 6 pm (CET) Airhacks Live Questions and Answers streaming show. Ask questions now. Also see: archives
  4. September, 16th, evening: free Session: "Java EE 7 — Simply The Best". Stay tuned
  5. September, 17th, evening. Fee JUG Streaming session for JUG Gothenborg. Stay tuned.
  6. October, 6th, 9am, Hannover, Java Forum Nord, Conference Keynote
  7. October 25–29, 2015, San Francisco, JavaOne Conference. Sessions: From Macro to Micro(Services) and Back: Onstage Hacking with Java EE 7 [CON1851], Most Popular Java (EE) Q&A: Airhacks.tv Live [BOF1849], Nashorn: The “42” for Startups and Enterprises [CON1850], Being Productive with Maven, Java EE, and the Cloud [UGF10300], Building Nanoservices with Java EE and Java 8 [UGF10284], What's the Best IDE for Java EE? [CON6699]
  8. November, 3rd, Munich, w-jax conference. Sessions: "Enterprise Scripting mit Nashorn: Tipps & Tricks live on Stage" and "Transactions? ACID, XA, BASE or what?"
  9. December 7th-11th. Airhacks Java EE Workshops at MUC Airport. If Munich is too far, try the streaming or download version: Effective Java EE

Cloudy Jakarta EE and MicroProfile: Microservices, Clouds and Beyond Jakarta EE / MicroProfile airhacks workshops at MUC airport, Winter Edition

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