Memory Leaks Problem in Callisto Eclipse 3.2?

I get frequently the following error in Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto) :"Exception in thread "Java indexing" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space". I didn't noticed this problem before 3.2, so I assume it is a newer bug. I even set the heap already to 600 mb (-Xmx600m), without improvement.I work with some EMF-projects (also with generated code with EMF.codegen), but they are not very large. It is not big problem, but I've to restart Eclipse now frequently... 

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It's a common problem for many users and created quite a following, see here:㛃�

Only happens with a Sun VM and the most recent 1.5.0_07 build may work fine.

It's even mentioned in the Eclipse readme, though quite hidden. I've overlooked it the first time I was reading the document, even though I knew that the information is in there!

Workaround is easy: increase the size of the perm gen space.

eclipse -vmargs -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

64 MB is the default, increase until the OOME disappears. Hope that helps.

Posted by Marco Hunsicker on August 01, 2006 at 05:12 PM CEST #

Hi Marco,

thank you very much. I had the same problem with BIRT on Linux - I increased the PermSize already and it worked. I thought the IDE has another problem, but I was wrong. Thank you very much for your help!



Posted by Adam Bien on August 01, 2006 at 08:56 PM CEST #

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