Microservices' Impact On App Design, Lightweight Java EE and Java EE-stic HTML 5 ...or my JavaOne 2017 sessions

Session ID: CON5252
Session Title: Microservices and Cloud-Driven Code Simplification
Room: Moscone West - Room 2003 Date: 10/03/17
Start Time: 09:30:00 AM
End Time: 10:15:00 AM

Session ID: CON5567
Session Title: The Java EE-stic (=No Dependencies) Way to Develop HTML5 Applications
Room: Moscone West - Room 2006 Date: 10/04/17
Start Time: 09:30:00 AM
End Time: 10:15:00 AM

Session ID: CON5578
Session Title: Java EE: Heavyweight or Lightweight—Mythbusters
Room: Moscone West - Room 2020 Date: 10/04/17
Start Time: 08:30:00 AM
End Time: 09:15:00 AM

I'm also invited to the panel:

Session Title: Powerful Lessons from Top Java EE Experts
Room: Moscone West - Room 2002: Java User Group Track 
Date: 10/01/17
Start Time: 04:00:00 PM
End Time: 04:45:00 PM

Thanks and see you soon at JavaOne 2017, airhacks.com or airhacks.io

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