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In the second post of this blog "Why blogging?" eleven years ago I was not sure about the whole point of blogging. After 11 years, my blog became a personal reference ( ) and notepad which I frequently use in my consulting / development / client work. I capture code snippets, ideas and sometimes expose my personal opinion and I'm curious about reader's feedback.

Probably caused by the popularity of Java EE, I get frequent (nearly weekly) proposals for guest articles intended to be published on this blog. I did not accepted any guest content so far -- and I don't plan to accept any guest articles work in future either.

However: if you are involved in an interesting, thin WARs (=productive, minimalistic, pragmatic) Java EE 6/7 projects or products, drop me a comment or tweet ( @AdamBien ). I would like to interview you.

Any questions left? See you at the next

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