OSGI Was Supported By Sun Long Before J2EE...

It's actually funny, or tragic. Sun started in August 1999, the Java Embedded Server 1.0 product (JES) for residential gateways.
In May, 2000 JES 2.0 software became even OSGi compliant. I gave some workshops in 2001 / 2003 timeline, but actually no one was really interested in OSGI at the time.
Why Sun is just not waiting for about 10 years, until they announce their products? :-) The same (tragic) story, like with JavaBlend and JINI... Sometimes it is interesting to delve into the history of Java.

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Hello Adam!

But what would it change if Sun had waited this several years? :)

I'm not in touch with OSGI news, but don't find a reason for that.

BTW> Do You have a english them on this blog? :)

Posted by Tomasz Bartczak on September 23, 2008 at 12:38 PM CEST #

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