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Sunday Aug 03, 2014

RichFaces' 5 Future -- Stability over Innovation

RedHat will continue to support the RichFaces runtime, but stop investing in RichFaces 5:

"...With these trends in mind, we’ve decided that moving forward we will pursue a path of stability with our JSF approach, rather than a path of innovation. We will continue to track the JSF spec with our RichFaces components and address compatibility issues with new browsers. Applications currently running with RichFaces 4 can continue to do so with an assurance of stability. With this goal in mind we are focusing on delivering a RichFaces 4.5 release, rather than the previously planned RichFaces 5..." [RichFaces will pursue a path of stability over innovation, Brian Leathem, RichFaces Project Lead]

Any questions left? See you at: Java EE Web Frameworks or Java EE and HTML 5 :-)

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