Sun - Oracle / Java FX Composer/ Java EE 6 For Lazy Developers - Best Of January

  1. Snorcle? (12817 views)
  2. Java FX Composer / Designer for NetBeans 6.8 - First Smoke Test (8678 views)
  3. Java EE 6 And The JCP Stuff - Perfect For Lazy Developers (8312 views)

and:  340926  direct requests  (best result ever),  71788 RSS reads and 27417 atom reads (best result ever)

Daily Avg. Visitors  7199 (December  7142) (best result ever)

Total Visitors  223174 (December  221405) (best result ever) 

Total Hits:  768332 (December  746258) (best result ever)

Although this blog went offline for two days (12. - 13.01) January was the best month ever. The reason for the outage was hardware failure (RAM or/and power supply). New hardware is waiting for opensolaris 2010.03 :-).

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