The Popularity Of Java EE 6 In China Or Java EE 6 At JavaOne Beijing

I was warned that chinese audience isn't interactive - ...and it is absolutely not true. I got actually so many questions in my overcrowded (>20 attendees had to stay outside :-)) talk "The Feel of Java EE 6: Interactive Onstage Hacking", that I had no time any more for the implementation of JPA 2 persistence and the explanation of Bean Validation. Got very good questions regarding the use of EJB, CDI, annotations, incremental deployment, WebLogic Java EE 6 availability and especially migration from J2EE 1.4 to Java EE 6. We continued the conversation even after the talk. The audience was very nice - and I had lots of fun. So if you are going to give a talk in China be prepared for good questions!

It seems like the popularity of Java EE 6 is not only an European / American phenomenon.

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