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  1. JUG Poznan, 19.10.2016 Slideless Microservices JUG Session There were already 120 registrations a few weeks ago.
  2. 22.10.2016, 9:30am CET HighLoad Dev Conf, Minsk, "High Performance Java EE", live streaming: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/adambien
  3. 24.10.2016, airhacks.com workshop at MUC Airport React For Java (EE) Developers: "Building HTML 5 Applications With React"
  4. 25.10.2016, airhacks.com workshop at MUC Airport Angular 2 For Java (EE) Developers: "Building HTML 5 Applications With Angular 2"
  5. 7.11.2016, 6pm CET, monthly Questions and Answers live streaming airhacks.tv show. Ask questions now or during the event: https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/592a90abcf98258b93f2f35343f9513c
Interestingly, there is one registration more for the React workshop than for Angular 2 (I guessed Angular 2 is going to be far more popular).

NEW airhacks.com workshops: MicroProfile with Quarkus and Micro Frontends with Web Components at MUC airport

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