When we will do not have to type - Web 3.0 will come

Tim O'Reilly @CommunityONE General Session explained Web 3.0 with this interesting sentence: "When we do not have to type - Web 3.0 will come".
In web 3.0 the content will be automatically generated by the user (not necessarily with keyboard) and not provided  explicitly. (Is this the beginning of the matrix :-)).

So I presented the advent of Web 3.0 at JAX (before JavaONE) talking about FreeTTS (speech synthesizer) and Sphinx (open source speech recognition) in "Cool but forgotten" session :-) .

Also Web 2.0 was explained beyond love & peace:
The essence of web 2.0 is making software commodity and massive databases provide the (sometimes) proprietary added value.I like the explanation more, than AJAX, Social Networking etc.

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