2023 Spring / Summer: Upcoming Conferences, Streams and Workshops

The 111th airhacks.tv will take place one week earlier, on may 27th (instead of June 5th). File your questions now: gist.github.com/AdamBien/a97ce552e3f784721dda8054ab1871f2

See you at these upcoming conferences and workshops:

  1. Code Europe Conference: Dissecting Serverless Java on AWS
    conference session Code Europe Conference Cracow 23 May 2023
  2. InfoShare: The Java Shorts Animation Show: 100 Snippets in 40 Minutes
    conference session InfoShare Gdansk 24 May 2023
  3. Code Europe Conference: Keynote: Dissecting Serverless Java on AWS
    keynote conference session Code Europe Conference Warsaw 25 May 2023
  4. InfoShare: The Future of Java in the Cloud and on Premises
    conference session InfoShare Gdansk 25 May 2023
  5. online: AWS Java Bootstrap [online event]
    airhacks.live workshops 15 Jun 2023
  6. Jcon Europe: "Serverless" Is What J2EE Was Meant To Be
    conference session Jcon Europe Cologne 20 Jun 2023
  7. online: Cost Driven Architectures with Java on AWS [online event]
    airhacks.live workshops 22 Jun 2023


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