3D for Netbeans 6.0 - Developer Edition of OpenGl-Pack released

A developer release of the OpenGL-Pack for the recent Netbeans 6.0 IDE is available for download. The installation is easy - the modules are downloaded via the update center (but they are not included in the NBM-file). The OpenGL-Pack requires daily builds which are newer than M10+, I tested it with the daily build from the 10.08.2007. There are some really interesting features:

  1. OpenGL Shading Language Compiler/Linker integration and syntax highlighting
  2. Compile and Link arbitrary shaders
  3. Auto Completion with GLSL doc
  4. JOGL Components now via FormDesigner palette available
  5. Ready to run JOGL Demo Projects and RedBook samples included
  6. OpenGL Capabilities Viewer
See also screenshots from "New and Noteworthy". There are some impressive NB-Sample Projects (e.g. JOGLProceduralTexturePhysicsDemo) already included. The OpenGL-Pack is well documented - which is unusual for the first public developer release. The compiler as well as the syntax highlighting are seamlessly integrated into the IDE.


This is a cool feature !!!

Posted by Alessandro on August 14, 2007 at 07:56 PM CEST #

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