42- the answer, Fork Join, Pixel Perfect JSF, Building React and Angular, Scanning JAX-RS, Async CDI Events, Monolith or Topics For 42nd airhacks.tv

Topics for the 42nd airhacks.tv:

  1. 42 airhacks.tv - the answer to all questions
  2. ForkJoin support in Java EE 8
  3. Java FX in the browser
  4. Code coverage in system tests
  5. Opensource Java EE
  6. Auto-scanning JAX-RS resources
  7. Java and the job market
  8. @Stateless as an interceptor?
  9. Asynchronous CDI Events
  10. Empty POST or PUT
  11. @Stateful EJBs and usecases for the Gateway pattern
  12. Will CDI replace EJB in the future?
  13. Java EE 7 server recommendations
  14. GlassFish clustering / workshop
  15. JSF and pixel perfect applications
  16. Impact of react and angular on the delivery pipeline
  17. How to build JS frontends with Java EE backends
  18. Using multithreaded JAX RS 2.0 in Java SE
  19. Incrementally splitting a monolith: protocols, security processes

See full topics gist.

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Hi Adam,

did you use JavaRX (with Vert.x) on production ?
What is the difference between JavaRX and Observable/Event pattern in JavaEE ?

Posted by Marek on September 06, 2017 at 07:21 AM CEST #

thanks interresting as always.
one suggestion, could you switch the twitter and chat windows, the chat messages are somtimes not readable behind your head ;)

Posted by Leee on September 09, 2017 at 08:41 PM CEST #

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