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An airhacks.fm conversation with James Wilson (@jgwilson42) about:

the result of pressing the break button on a BBC computer, and ZX Spectrum, Space Invaders with Basic, extending minecraft with Java, accidental tester career, best interviewees got programmer jobs, hackers and testers, developers like the happy path, unit test coverage is useless without good asserts, is 80% code coverage a valuable target?, code coverage was used as a motivation for writing tests, reflection utilities to increase code coverage, getters / setters never brake, Code as a Crime Scene book, methods longer than a screen are problematic, the ratio between trivial and good asserts, a good javadoc and unit tests follow similar principles, system tests are the most important one, unit testing is good for checking error scenarios, the more tests you have, the easier it is to locate errors, the Law of Triviality requires standard names for test categories, integration testing and system testing, reusing system tests as clients and stress tests, UK retailer goes down, take the max load and double it, jbmc is bytecode verification tool, diffblue cover generates unit tests, generating unit tests quickly for legacy backends, playground, What is the AI in “AI for Code”? blogpost, diffblue blog, @diffbluehq
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