A Conversation with the JavaMan about Sun, Java and OpenSource

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An airhacks.fm conversation with Bruno Souza, the "The JavaMan",
about: hello world on CPM machines without GitHub, TRS-80 vs. ZX Spectrum, Basic, Clipper, scientific Prolog work, C, copying assembler from magazines, lonely hacking, programming is the ability to creating things, no use for second disc drive, prolog application for cloud pattern recognition and cloud removal, cool Sun machines, AI for free, Sparc Station 10, back to work, work over university, John Gage and the first demonstration of Java, HotJava, OAK, Banco do Brasil was an early Java adopter in 1996, Fabiane Nardon, income tax and border control Java desktop applications, Java Ring, Java Card, Sun Java Studio, Sun Java Workshop, JBuilder, NetBeans, early JavaONEs, John Gage and "We are all Brasilians", Java source answers all questions, Richard Stallman visits Brasil, in 1998 Netscape browser was opensourced, , Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution, Brasilian Government gains independence with Java, Software Livre, Kaffee JVM, Patrick Curran, Simon Phipps, The People Who Brought You FOSS Java, Dalibor Topic, @@robilad, Geir Magnusson, Apache Harmony, http://toolscloud.com, you can't be just technical, inability to tell the vision, Summa Technologies, CodeONE and speaker's secrets, Code4.life, Best Developer Job Ever, Bruno on twitter:@brjavaman.

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