A Good 12 Minutes, NetBeans 6.8 Editor Screencast

This screencast presents some NetBeans 6.8 editor features. Especially the beginning is interesting and comes with some non-obvious stuff. The mouse, however, was used too much. Sometimes even the keyboard :-). Some remarks:

  1. You can use ctrl+space for the variable name suggestion. It is derived from the type. In case of a BufferedReader NetBeans would suggest br, bufferedReader and reader.
  2. Alt+Enter can be used to auto-correct stuff (quick hint / ctrl+1 in eclipse). You don't have to click on the light bulb.
  3. You can move and copy code blocks around without using the mouse with: shift+cmd+ (arrow up || arrow down) for copying, and shift+ctrl+(arrow up || arrow down) on Mac OS X - similar key binding exist on other platforms as well
  4. You will find most important shortcuts in a PDF Menu -> Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts Card

It would be great to have a "show editing" screencast, in which an engineer shows whats possible in NetBeans. "No Mouse Speed Editing" :-)


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