afterburner.fx v1.7.0 "Branch Terminator" Released

afterburner.fx is an opinionated MVP framework with built-in, conventional Dependency Injection implemented by a single class.

The v1.7.0 release comes with swappable DI mechanism. An extensible DI enables the contributors to implement project-specific conventions and will so eliminate many open pull request. The release v1.7.0 also deprecates the "Top Gun" branch.

To create your own Injector:

  1. Implement the functional interface: com.airhacks.afterburner.injection.PresenterFactory
  2. Specify the fully qualified name of the implementation in the file: META-INF/services/com.airhacks.afterburner.injection.PresenterFactory

A no-op injector already ships with afterburner.fx as a part of the unit test:

public class DebuggingInjector implements PresenterFactory {

    public <T> T instantiatePresenter(Class<T> clazz, Function<String, Object> injectionContext) {
        System.out.println("--- clazz " + clazz + " context " + injectionContext);
        return Injector.instantiatePresenter(clazz, injectionContext);


Checkout The v1.7.0 is already available in maven central:


Also take a look at:

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May you please provide me an working demo of swappable DI. I am using spring in my project. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Nazmuddin Ansari on August 10, 2017 at 08:12 AM CEST #

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