Java EE AirHacks MUC Afterglow

Thanks for attending my Java EE "airhacks" workshop at MUC AirPort. I really enjoyed the three, interactive days, many questions, discussions and ideas.

Code examples I showed during the course are:

  4. [Plugins, Scopes, Gateway and other patterns]
  5. Slides and my demo code created during the 3 days is available for download as well.
  6. Screencasts / videos are also available:
  7. I used (Java EE Edition--without any plugins, extensions or tricks :-)) for all my coding stunts

Patterns and most of the source code we went through is discussed in the recent book

An end-to-end application with build, monitoring, logging REST etc. is discussed in the book: Real World Java EE Night Hacks

Thank you for attending, and see you at Java EE Workshops at MUC Airport (March 25th-28th), with a new workshop Java EE User Interfaces!

Thank you for coming, and see you soon! :-)


HI Adam, can i know when is your next workshop?What is the procedure to participate in it?

Posted by java training in chennai on September 23, 2013 at 12:08 PM CEST #

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