An Java EE 5 application based on patterns and best practices... five days: 02.07 - 06.07.2007 in Hamburg we well build together from scratch a fully functional and hopefully maintainable application.
No prereqs are necessary, you only need a notebook with 512 RAM (1GB would be better), a fast CPU and an operating system, which supports Java 6 :-) (Java 5 will also work, but it is almost ancient). We will use opensource tools only - and even install them together. So it is'n a green-field, but even a brown-field project :-).
This training covers the serviceoriented, as well as the domain driven "architecture style" with Java EE 5.

You can register here. We will use JPA, EJB3, JMS, JSF, Swing, WebStart  (with databinding and Swing Dev Framework) and probably AJAX (I actually hate this term :-) ) for this purpose.

Every participant we get my Enteprise Architekturen and all samples from the Java EE 5 Architekturen books.


Hi Adam,

what is your favorite framework for Swing and databinding?

I only know JGoodies Swing Data Binding.

Posted by roman on June 20, 2007 at 02:50 AM CEST #

Hi Roman,

I would like to introduce the JSR-295 (Beans Binding) in this training. You can download a preview from Eclipse's 3.3 databinding is also o.k. but less suited for Swing :-)

regards - see you in hamburg :-),


Posted by Adam Bien on June 20, 2007 at 11:01 AM CEST #

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