CDI smells, Oracle and Java EE 8, JAX-RS, Logging, Microservices, Monitoring or 28th Questions and Answers

Questions for the 28th, Today (July, 13th) at 6 pm CET:

  1. Java EE 8 News
  2. New server (the real hardware): the part list.
  3. Oracle says it is 'commmitted' to Java EE 8
  4. announcement
  5. Wildfly-Swarm, Payara Micro and the relation to microservices
  6. Dynamic injection into @Stateless EJBs
  7. Handling ViewExpiredException in JSF
  8. Managing JAX-RS clients on servers
  9. Accessing GlassFish / Payara logifles from the browser
  10. Is overusing CDI a code smell?
  11. JAX-RS MessageBodyWriter and Singleton challenges
  12. How to approach logging in microservices?
  13. Monitoring Java EE methods

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