CloudVM From Waratek--An Interesting Product

CloudVM from Waratek is a "Java Standard Edition 6 compatible JVM", with some interesting characteristics:

  1. CloudVM comes with only 1 MB overhead and is designed to run multiple isolated instances at the same time
  2. All JVMs are shared within Waratek Cloud VM Host
  3. Deploy/undeploy commands are a part of the Cloud VM host
  4. Cloud VM is intended to host EARs/WARs and comes with Tomcat 7 as example
  5. Each JVM runs in fully virtualized environment, so you can dedicate resources and monitor the instances separately
  6. Fast startup

Why is it interesting? Instead of attempting to isolate modules within a single JVM, it is simpler and cleaner to keep a 1:1:1 relation between the JVM, application server and the application. Actually it would be even nicer, if waratek would just run on a hypervisor.

Although waratek is a commercial, closed source, project without any "free" options--it is still interesting :-). See also a walkthrough video

Disclaimer: I briefly tested waratek in VirtualBox and have no idea how this product behaves in production :-)


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