Commercial GlassFish Support From LogiCoy--An Interview.

Elizabeth, could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Matusov and I am the marketing and sales manager for LogiCoy, Inc.

What is the mission of and what is the relation to Java EE / Java?

Simply, put, our mission is to provide the best supported open source middle integration products. Much of our team is from Sun Microsystems, and continuing on with the Sun mentality, our products are written in Pure Java and conform to JavaEE standards.

Your company provides commercial GlassFish support. What is the motivation behind the idea?

We love GlassFish, and we don't think there's any reason why commercial GlassFish support shouldn't still be happening. GlassFish is still incredibly relevant today, so we want to be there to provide support for those people who still use GlassFish. With our premier Production 24x7 support, our team is well-equipped to take on the needs and questions of anyone in need of GlassFish support.

Where is the price list?

We are actually working on a more official price list right now, which is set to go live pretty shortly. As of now though, customers can see our various support plans and we can work with them to get everything started. You can find all that information at . Additionally, all our prices are customized based on types of support plans and number of servers. They can start at less than $10k/year. We also have our products available on Amazon's AWS Marketplace for a few pennies per hour. You can find that here!

Is GlassFish / Java EE popular among your clients?

Absolutely! That's why we are so confident in our ability to be the premier GlassFish support team. We've really done a lot to help companies out, and we've got a great list of customers to show it. You can check them out at

Which IDEs your developers are using?

Primarily, our developers are using Netbeans. Occasionally, however, we use Eclipse as well.

You claiming: "[]...Original developers of Glassfish..." are working for your company. Who is it and for which part of GlassFish where they responsible?

Unfortunately, I do not have permission share the names of our employees. But we do our best to continue on in the spirit of Sun Microsystems. For more informations, you may contact our CTO Fred Aabedi, who was Senior Engineering Director at Sun in the SOABI business unit (responsible for GlassFishESB and GlassFish products).

Your competitors (, payara) participate heavily in opensource. Are you also contributing to GlassFish in any way?

Absolutely! We are all about the open-source philosophy. If you check out OpenESB, Metro/JAXWS, Grizzly, OpenMQ, those are some examples of projects and we contribute heavily to. I think Logdon focuses on JavaFX primarily.

Which other Java EE related services or products your company is offering beyond GlassFish support?

All of our company products are intended to run on GlassFish first and have the best support on GlassFish. Theres an endless list of products and solutions we provide beyond GlassFish support, including OpenESB, Drools, OpenMQ, and many others. We also do migration services, consulting, and training too. Basically, we're here to provide the best choice open-source services and support - all at an incredibly affordable rate and with a guarantee of 24x7 support.

Can you share any related links, blogs or resources?

Of course! Check out our blog for more resources on GlassFish and our many other products and solutions. Additionally, you can find us on LinkedIn - we frequently post interesting articles and good resources!

Elizabeth, thank you for the interview!


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