Commercial GlassFish Support Is Back--By LodGon

Adam Bien: Could you please introduce LodgON? Where does the name come from?

LodgON is a Java software company, with a focus on social software. We work with Java on the back-end (Java EE), on the client and on mobile and embedded devices (JavaFX). We provide applications for customers, and we assist companies with issues in existing Java Applications. Based on our experience in the social networking software, we created the open-source DaliCore framework.

Adam Bien: What is the relation between LodgON and GlassFish?

LodgON has been using GlassFish from day 1. When Sun Microsystems announced the Open-Source Application Server at JavaOne 2005, we immediately started to work with it. The concept of an Application Server that is both Open-Source and leading-edge is very interesting. You can leverage the very latest technologies, without having to rely on a black box.

Often, early adopters of new Java Enterprise features run into issues. The best way to understand a technology, and to fix issues, is to look at the source code. That is what we do with GlassFish. We run most of our Enterprise projects on GlassFish. Whenever we encounter an issue, strange behavior, or a performance problem, we dive into the code and find the cause of the problem. In case the solution requires a code change in GlassFish, we contribute code to GlassFish.

Adam Bien: What is LodgON Commercial GlassFish support? What you will get for your money?

The different parts of code that together are bundles as the GlassFish server are all Open Source. Updates to this source code are freely available as well. Managing different versions of the different components can be cumbersome, though. Depending on the needs of your company, we provide different options:

  1. We can help with the installation, configuration, tuning and operations of the GlassFish Application Server
  2. We detect and analyze performance issues. Often, it is not clear whether a performance issue is due to a bottleneck in the Application or in the Application Server. We detect performance issues and either fix them or provide tips to fix them. In some cases, this involves making changes to the Open Source components that constitute GlassFish, and we will contribute those changes back to the GlassFish community.
  3. We can help with the implementation of Java EE 7 applications

Adam Bien: Is LodgON providing any other interesting products / offerings?

We provide JavaFX Consulting, and we can help companies working on end-to-end Java applications. Our focus is on connecting low-end Java devices (e.g. embedded devices, smartphones) with high-end back-end systems running Java EE. In particular, we provide consulting for DataFX, the open-source framework allowing JavaFX applications to connect with back-end systems.

For the growing market area where social software is important, we offer the Open Source DaliCore framework -- see We also provide the DaliCore functionality as a SAAS solution. Our DaliCloud platform is a hosted solution for customers that require social media functionality and integration.

Adam Bien: Johan, thank you for the interview!


This is excellent news for those who want to start using JEE 7 in production environments, especially since Glassfish is the only JEE 7 compliant server at the moment.

Posted by Craig de la Hunt on February 06, 2014 at 10:09 AM CET #

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