Conference schedule for the next two months

In the next time im speaking on the following conferences:

25.09-29.09: JavaStarter Days/EKON: Workshops:  Java FAQ - oder die häufigsten Probleme in Projekten,  Architektur und Design mit Java

10.10. - CH-OPEN: WS 5 Workshop: Enterprise Architekturen mit Java EE 5

26.10: BIT Schweiz, Session: Prozessgestalung in SOA

06.11-09.11: W-JAX Conference in Munich, Enterprise-Architekturen in der Praxis, Wo lohnt sich SOA?, Java EE Patterns im Zeichen von EJB 3 & Co.,  and Patterns für asynchrone Anwendungen

21.11 SOA-Kongress: Session: Testing SOA

27.11-29.11: JAX Asia conference in Singapore: Sessions: Why architecture? and Java EE 5 Business Tier Patterns

I like such activities - short vacations between project(s) :-). During these talks/workshops we could discuss some topics from my blog or book more interactively.

Sometimes are conferences more efficient for communication, than funny Web 2.0 stuff .-).


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