Eclipse vs. Netbeans or JFace (SWT) vs. Swing - the art test and experiment

I was just curious and opened Eclipse Europa 3.3 as well as Netbeans 6b1 and asked people without IT-background the following question: "Which application looks nicer?" I got several interesting answers. However instead publishing the answer now, please repeat the experiment and publish the results in the comment of my (or your) blog (using the keyword: Netbeans or Eclipse). However do not ask Java developers - they are too biazed :-).


Hej Adam, i received an interesting (and funny) answer from an economist :)
Both NB and Eclipse look very similar, she said. The only difference she discovered were the toolbars.
NetBean's toolbar is not as detailed as the one in Eclipse. She prefers a detailed toolbar to find the main features of a programm. Most of the time she has to search for features, which are not on the toolbar, for a very long time. It's annoying not to find the feature you are looking for.

Posted by Daniel on October 07, 2007 at 02:43 AM CEST #

I have asked this question some time ago my former classmate and he answered (this is no joke!):

"Well eclipse with its sinus tabs seems to be designed from a women, NetBeans looks more technical and was probably designed from a man."

I found that very funny esp. because he studies mathematics and has just rudimentary knowledge of both IDEs ;)

Posted by Michael Bien on October 07, 2007 at 11:48 PM CEST #

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