EJBs? Still Interesting In Java EE 7--5 Mins About Lifecycle

The combination of EJB 3.2 and CDI managed Beans is still the leanest possible choice …in Java EE 7:

The post "Dependency Injection Performance" measures the performance differences between EJB and …ApplicationScoped managed beans.

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Adam, that was really really nice AND encouraging as I just spent 2 weeks tirelessly attempting to migrate my really fast JSF-managed-bean (PrimeFaces and MyFaces 2.1.9 and JUEL running on Glassfish to CDI-managed-bean (Glassfish/WELD or TomEE 1.5+) web app.

It is really sad that with all the CDI posts/blogs/documentation, I failed to get my CDI-managed-app running in Glassfish3.1.2.2/WELD, but I was able to get it running in TomEE 1.5+, because of the really-helpful TomEE/OpenWebBeans committers (via openejb mailing list).

It's also sad that I 'cannot' push the TomEE1.5+/CDI-managed-bean web app to 'production', because my Glassfish web app is (unbelievably) so much faster than TomEE1.5+/CDI-managed-bean web app, running on Windows Server 2003 32bit (with 4GB RAM).

I hope NetBeans 7.3 can help developers migrate 'from' JSF-managed-beans to CDI-managed-beans running on Glassfish/WELD (with little-to-no-effort)!

Until then, I guess I will have to write a smaller CDI-managed-bean app that can support some business function for the business/corporation that I am currently developing software for.

Last but not least, I'm loving the NetBeans/Glassfish 'duo'! As a 1-year-old Java and JSF developer, it has helped me tremendously to develop software to meet business requirements, and the Glassfish3.1.2.2/JSF-managed-beans web app (currently in production) is so 'stable', 'used', and the endusers are loving the experience of using the web app.

Of course, PrimeFaces has contributed to the success and enjoyability of the JSF web app as well. I only wish that I can stay glued to my seat 24/7 and do Java/JSF!

Posted by Howard W. Smith, Jr. on December 01, 2012 at 10:47 PM CET #

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