SOA,Enterprise Architectures, Java EE 5 Patterns, Patterns For Asynchronous Applications and Interview with Mark Hapner

The W-JAX conference in Munich was interesting again. I talked about SOA and Efficiency, Java EE 5 (EJB3) Patterns and Patterns for Asynchronous Applications. I found also very interesting the interview with Mark Hapner. I really enjoyed the workshop about Enterprise Architectures based on my book with the same name. The participants asked interesting questions and we discussed topics like architecture and efficiency, components, EJB3, Java EE5, semi-transparent persistency, remoting, transactions, wikis, consistency and other real world problems and challenges. Beyond the serious topics above we discussed also the role of flowers in projects, tea, managers as decorators and wild pigs with P2P :-).
I'm already looking forward to the JAX-Asia conference.


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