Extending JavaONE activitities, 2 Lightning Talks, Unconference, Podcasts ...and maintainable RIAs

I'm really looking forward to the JavaONE conference. I will participate at the Unconference at Sunday and registered some Glassfish topics - especially real world, scalability and Java EE. It starts at 3.00 PM - as a good unconference citizen (there are no more speakers), I thrown away all slides and looking forward to the interactivity :-).

During the CommunityONE I will give two lightning talks. One about GreenFire, the another one about Underworld.  I will introduce both more deeply in a minitalk in the java.net corner at Thursday. And finally, on Friday, I will give the "actual" talk about Swing, RIAs, JSF, Hybrid Components, maintainability and presentation patterns. Because of last year's feedback, I will go even more deeply into the technical stuff and introduce the following topics with some demos:

"Consumer JRE™ software, Nimbus, WebStart, Beans Binding, Java™ DB, JavaFX™ technology allow the creation of slick, interactive and especially maintainable applications. This session discusses pragmatic approaches for rapid but still maintainable building of interactive rich internet applications. Especially pragmatic and real world approaches and challenges like:
- Integration of EJB™ 3, legacy services and local business logic
- Efficient separation of generated (e.g. matisse, visual webpack, persistence layer generation) and developed code with Model View Presenter (Passive View, Supervising Controller)
- Building of testable and UI-independent presentation logic
- Real World Data Binding
- Redundancy minimalization (e.g. client side validation)
- Building multichannel applications - sharing presentation logic between GWT, JSF and Rich Internet Applications (e.g. Netbeans RCP, Eclipse RCP)
This session has real world focus and discusses best practices as well as anti-patterns with source code samples and live demos."


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