Extreme Productivity With Java EE: In 35 Days Helping 20.000 Families

Mohamed, please introduce yourself.

My name is Mohamed Taman and I am an Enterprise Architect & Software Development Manager at e-finance, Java Champions, Adopt-a-JSR, JCP member, was JCP Executive Committee member, JSR 358, 354, 364, & 363 Expert Group member, MoroccoJUG board, EGJUG leader, Oracle Egypt Architects Club board member, speaks Java, loves mobile, international speaker. Won the 11 annual JCP awards 2013 for Outstanding adopt-a-JSR participant, and Duke's Choice Award 2014, 2015.

How popular is Java / Java EE in Egypt?

Java EE is very popular in Egypt as development technology stack. 70% of projects developed in Egypt they are using Java EE as web development, also we strongly introduces Java in universities, Java community, beside after graduate institutes famously ITI which gives diplomas specifically in Java track for post graduates to cope with market needs, And we as EGJUG do this too for our strong community.

Which application servers, tools and IDEs are you using?

Me and my team recently moved to use NetBeans IDE, and JDeveloper too, using eclipse for some projects, from application servers point of view we uses IBM WebSphere in production, beside Oracle Weblogic, GlassFish, and recently trying to use Payara and Wildfly.

What are the most impressive Java EE projects you were involved so far?

Currently there are many projects I am working on around 34 Java EE projects and support others at the same time.

What are you building with Java EE right now?

I am working on a project which won 2015 duke’s choice award, as extended success of previous United Nations UNHCR/WFP Subsidy Card for refugees’ which also won duke’s choice award 2014, We have been asked to build a system that helps poor people having children listed basic education levels under Ministry of Education in each country, to get their benefits (Cache for Food (from UNWFP)) through secured cards, controlled by WFP organization and developed and operated by efinance in 2 months.

The key challenge here was the Huge System, time-to-market, lack of detailed requirements (6 modules to be developed), POS programming, and JavaFX Tablet based Application for registration (offline), Card EMV and applet / lifecycle management, and should be costless, Short time to deliver the application, risk of new technology usage.

Architected, developed, and tested in 35 days. Result; It is now live application applied to Egypt as pilot that helps 20,000 families in 2 poor cities (Louxor, and Sohag). By the end of this year will be 500,000 families covering all main Egyptian cities, and rolled out to other countries.

Is Java EE productive? What is your opinion?

Yes very productive as I have mentioned before at JavaOne 2014 strategic keynote with Cameron Burdy, especially the convention is it work by default without any configuration, “Configuration by exception”, also introduction of web profiles makes final product (war file) more light and les resource consuming, beside introduction to new JSRs that helps development standardization without using third party libraries.

How important is the Java EE standard to you? Is your code dependent on application server specific features?

As JCP member involved in many JSRs especially the new ones, The standardization means freedom of development and portability which makes it easy to migrate from app server to another smoothly, with application servers that follow the same Java EE standards.

Is you company hiring Java EE developers?

Yes indeed as Java team is a core of the Business solution software development and innovations, my department consist of the following sub-departments:

  1. Java Team (6 members will grow to 12 by the end of this year)
  2. Quality Control team (3 QC Java engineers).
  3. Architecture team
  4. System Analysis team
  5. Research & development team

Any links you would like to share with us?

  1. Duke choice award 2014
  2. Duke choice award 2015
  3. tamanmohamed.blogspot.com.eg

Mohamed, thank you for the interview! I'm already looking forward to the Duke choice awards 2016 :-)


This is just beyond belief! JavaEE for humanitarian causes! I am proud of Mohamed's work!

Posted by Deepak on February 23, 2016 at 02:51 PM CET #

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