February / March 2020 Java and Web Events

  1. Cloud Native Patterns und Approaches mit Jakarta EE + MicroProfile #lowslides #cloudful
    JUG Oberpfalz OTH Weiden 2020-02-19
  2. Microprofile Productivity with Quarkus
    JUG BMW MUC 2020-02-20
  3. From Java Developer to Web Guru in 1 hour - No slides
    JUG Session Google MUC Munich 2020-03-03
  4. Kickass Web Components with a bit of Quarkus
    Free Meetup Mayflower MUC 2020-03-10
  5. Keynote: What Should Happen in 2020 with Java and Web
    Voxxed Days Bucharest Sheraton Hotel Bucharest 2020-03-13
  6. Session: 2020 Predictions Interactive On-Stage Hacking #slideless #nomigrations
    Voxxed Days Bucharest Sheraton Hotel Bucharest 2020-03-13
  7. MicroProfile with Quarkus
    Airhacks Workshops Airport MUC 2020-03-24
  8. Micro Frontends with Web Components
    Airhacks Workshops Airport MUC 2020-03-25
  9. Jakarta EE + MicroProfile + Kubernetes = The Productivity Dream #slideless
    Kubecon Cloud Native for Java (CN4J) RAI Amsterdam 2020-03-30


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