First Day With UMLKit On Netbeans 6.5

Cool stuff:

  1. Alignment of artifacts (class boxes, comments, but NOT arrows) was improved.
  2. The animations (try show / hide list compartments) are actually cool. 
  3. Reverseengineering works really good.
  4. The context sensitive helpers speed up modelling e.g the creation of comments with links.
  5. PNG and JPG export works well, the quality is good.

...and what is suboptimal:

  1. The alignment of realization, association arrows in class diagrams really sucks. It is hard to align a vertical or horizontal arrow. For documentation pursposes I would not care, but I suppose my editor will not like it :-).
  2. There is no undo - even not for one level.
  3. The compartments are not fully collapsed - so thin lines are still visible - they should fully disappear. 
  4. Auto-layout sucks as expected (as in other tools) :-). But here is NO undo as well. This is annoying.


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