Free Article about Visual JSF Creation, EJB 3 and Maintenance ...with Netbeans and Glassfish as a sample

JSF was from the beginning intended for creation with WYSIWYG tools and data binding. However there is no perfect tool, even worse, sometimes the visual designer becomes inconsistent and your work could get lost. I wrote an article (in German) about building maintainable applications rapidly (with visual composition tools) for JavaSPEKTRUM with presentation tier patterns like Model View Presenter (actually Passive View, Supervising Controller) and used as a sample Netbeans 6.0 (data binding, visual designer, and UML) and Glassfish v2. You can dowload it for free. You will find the whole source code of the application in the (the project name is RunAndBikeApplication) repository as well. Feedback is, as always, appreciated. In the next issue of JavaSpektrum I will focus on the EJB 3 backend. The issue after on Domain Driven Design.


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