Free JUG Session: Pragmatic Java EE 5 Hacking- Rethinking Best Practices - with code/deployment / demos and some few slides [with JavaONE update]

Title: Pragmatic Java EE 5 Hacking - Rethinking Best Practices - with  code/deployment / demos and some few slides


Abstract: Java EE 5 is a revolution, not an evolution. Perhaps it goes not far enough - however some best-practices and patterns need to be pimped up, re-thought or pruned.  After a short introduction into Java EE 5 / Java EE 6 (with a from scratch creation of a simple application with all "enterprise features"), I will walk through the concept, patterns, best practices and discuss the context, advantages as well as shortcomings and provide suggestions / solutions for Java EE 5/6. This session will be interactive / openspace like. I'm really open for constructive criticism :-) and will try to answer all questions with …code and real world context. Some upcoming Java EE 6 / EJB 3.1 features, as well as JavaONE 2008 news,  will be presented as well.

See details for more information.

Location:  Lehmanns Bookshop, Hamburg / Germany

Date: 19.05.2008, 8 PM


Its sounds like a good title for a Book:

"Pragmatic Java EE 5 Hacking - Rethinking Best Practices"

Nice Topic.

Posted by Roberto Carlos Gonzalez Flores on May 13, 2008 at 08:23 PM CEST #


indeed - I'm in the process of thinking about it,



Posted by Adam Bien on May 13, 2008 at 11:42 PM CEST #

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