From GlassFish to Google Cloud -- a Podcast Episode with Alexis MP

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An conversation with Alexis (@alexismp) about:

java -jar glassfish.jar, Community Management at Sun, Developer Relations, how to talk to developers, Texas Instruments 4a, a circle qualifies as "Hello World", Prolog to Java Applets migration for National French Space Agency, Java Center of Excellence at Sun Microsystems, Sun / JavaSoft / IBM as dream jobs, Scott McNealy and the ability of predicting the future - a reference to episode #19 - interview with Scott McNealy, starting at Sun in 1998, Sun Netscape Alliance, iPlanet Appserver, moving a Reference Implementation to a product called "GlassFish", HK2, GlassFish started faster than Tomcat, moving the industry with GlassFish, fascination with modularity, NetBeans as platform, plugins as quality asurance, lightweight runtimes with 500 MB WARS, making servers bigger and deployables smaller, docker changed the conversation, dealing with boring technologies, different language communities at Google, Java is less ceremonial, than people think, the popularity of Java at Google, AppEngines 10th anniversary, Apache Beam and Google Dataflow, how Sun lost the engineers at Java 5 timeframe, a huge amount of Google projects is based on Java, AppEngine is "serverless", Sun and Google have a lot in common, JAX-RS is Google Cloud Endpoints, Managed PubSub service, PubSub is like JMS, AppEngine as PubSub message listener, Cloud Spanner -- a distributable scalable persistence, DataStore supports versioning is a document, key value store, canary deployments, Objectify an ORM for DataStore, Cloud SQL and PostgreSQL, BigTable, exports to BigQuery, istio , Kubernetes, Helidon on Google Cloud, Kubernetes Engine, you can find Alexis at twitter: @alexismp, LinkedIn, medium: @alexismp and his: blog.
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