From Java EE over EE4j to Jakarta podcast

An podcast conversation with Mike Milinkovich @mmilinkov, about Cobol, APL, Smalltalk, Visual Age for Java, WebGain, TopLink, "The Object People". Canadians run the Java World, Eclipse, plugins and OSGi, pragmatic modularization, the First Executive Eclipse Director, Mark's Cavage role in opensourcing Java EE ee4j name confusion, the Jakarta EE brand and logo, the migration from Java EE to Jakarta EE, why it is not possible to rename ee4j to Jakarta EE, working 50% on Jakarta EE, working with Oracle lawyers, why not all JSR specs can not be contributed by Oracle, dealing with old specifications, how to contribute to Jakarta EE project, how to become a Jakarta EE committer, the difference between Eclipse Foundation agreements and other foundations, becoming an Eclipse member, becoming a member steering committee, hacking the Jakarta EE process by becoming a member without paying money, the Jakarta EE release cadence, different cadences between ee4j and Jakarta EE, who decides what at Jakarta EE / Eclipse, specs become opensource projects, committer based merocracy, how to start a new Jakarta EE subproject, Jakarta EE is "code first", Microsoft joins Jakarta EE, the dangers of profiles, no politics, the specification Jakarta EE committee decides about profiles.

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