From TomEE User to Committer--a Podcast Episode with Roberto Cortez

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Turbo Pascal 4.5, 8086 vs. 486, Java in applets in 21 days, early Siri prototype, notepad as IDE, Integration of insurance companies as first project with Java EE 5, building a house and the bricks at the same time with GWT, xdoclet and middlegen, first JavaONE and the jelastic party, 500 JUG members, no headsets and no coffee at CodeONE, tomitribe, a developer without coffee, David Blevins (@dblevins), tomitribe CEO, openEJB committer, from TomEE user to TomEE developer, how to never get bored, TomEE's killer feature is super fast environment, TomEE 8 for Java EE 8 and microprofile, TomEE integrates various Apache projects like Apache CXF, Apache openEJB, Apache openWebBeans, Apache openMQ, 65 MB for a full Java EE 8 server, TomEE and Microprofile 2.0 compliance, the TomEE release process, tomitribe vs. apache committers, spring popularity, Java EE is lacking a central website, the secret about TomEE's performance, find Roberto on: @radcortez, CoimbraJUG, jnation, TomEE.
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