GlassFish & MySQL Unlimited - I Miss One Feature

It seems like Sun started a commercial support strategy for Glassfish and MySQL bundle called "Unlimited".

An excerpt:

"...At a Glance

  • Unlimited server deployments of GlassFish Enterprise Server and MySQL Enterprise
  • Reliable, extensible, record-setting application server
  • The world's most popular open source database—the defacto standard for massive scale in the network economy
  • 90% lower total cost of ownership than traditional database and application server solutions, same enterprise-class support
  • Global mission-critical support & services from 1000s of trained field services personnel
  • No counting sockets or cores
  • No counting support incidents
  • No counting servers
  • No auditing or true-ups


I would like to see the point: "Global mission-critical support..." extended to something like: "Global mission-critical support, without necessary reproduction of errors with additional, docs, proofs and reproduction samples". I had to open cases for different other application servers and it was as time-consuming, as fixing the error myself. The quality of commercial support is really crucial. Right now, the overall quality of commercial support of the competition is not very high it often operates in "Inversion Of Control" mode. You have to provide the isolated sample app with reproduction code, unit tests and even documentation first, before the support-machinery actually kicks in. It can take even weeks, until a problem is recognized (not solved!) as such.

Let see, but this could be a huge opportunity for Glassfish. See also: "The End Of Commercial Java EE 5 Servers?"


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