Glassfish v3, Modularity and the hidden, underestimated killer feature

During yesterdays CommunityONE sessions the Glassfish v3 modularity was presented in many different sessions. Modularity is great - it forces you to think about dependencies and makes so the appserver leaner. However I (as developer, not application server vendor), actually not really care. My only requirements are:

  • fastest possible startup
  • fastest possible deployment
  • consistent, incremental deployment

Glassfish v3 provides at first the first two items - the last will have to be proven in real world :-).

However one killer feature was only mentioned during a great lightning talk - Glassfish v3 will be embeddable. Kohsuke demoed this - and it was impressive. Kohsuke is going to provide only one Jar (with Glassfish inside) and aims to make it easy to use and lean. It could work. The reason is: Kohsuke is the man behind Hudson - really great (easy to use and install) continuus integration tool.

Use cases for the embedded mode:

  • Unit Testing of Java EE apps
  • Using Glassfish in RIAs  - this could seem a little bit crazy, but come to my talk, TS-4864, Friday, 1330-14.30, I will explain some (working) ideas in more detail
Btw. the show before JavaONE keynote is great :-)


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