How To Start With Mercurial in 3 Minutes - or How Big Is The Netbeans Source Repo?

I read some installation instructions for installing Mercurial and checking out the sources. I got more and more confused - and I just tried it out. It turned out to be much easier, than expected. You just have to dowload the mercurial binaries, and execute the installation package (this is all you need for start). On Windows (Vista) it takes about 2 minutes. You don't even have to restart your machine (which is remarkable). Then restart Netbeans 6.1 (in case it is already running), go to Menu "Mercurial" -> "Clone Other".  You will be asked for the Repository URL. Use this: to download Netbeans sources. It will take some time to clone the repo. In my case it took about 40 minutes over slow DSL line. After this you will be asked to open 899 projects (it's a good performance test for netbeans). The whole repo is 1.5 GB big, it contains 167.269 files.


Hi again,

This would make another great Tips & tricks entry for the NB Community Docs wiki at



Posted by james Branam on July 01, 2008 at 12:57 PM CEST #

Hi Adam,

I found this post useful. I was looking for the size of the entire Netbeans repo and was not able to find it anywhere else.

I am on a slow network which gets disconnected at times.

I tried cloning the netbeans repository a couple of time, but each time the network got disconnected at some point of time and I had to restart the entire download from scratch.

Is there any way to restart the process from where it got disconnected?


Posted by Parag Shah on March 16, 2009 at 07:58 AM CET #

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