I wrote a chapter for a SOA book and forgot it...

...until I received today a copy of it. The book SOA-Expertenwissen (actually a bible, it comes with 867 pages) was written by many (about 20-50 its hard to say) recognized experts like Bernd Oestereich, Thilo Frotscher, Gernot Starke, Michael Stal, Stefan Tilkov, Markus Voelter and many, many others. I only wrote (and so read) a short chapter about Java EE 5 last year - and forgot it completely.
It was a nice surprise today, after almost one year, receiving this "bible". Now I have to read the remaining 800 [(867 - (Java EE 5 Chapter)) > 800] pages to learn something from the other authors :-). 


You might want to point your readers to the book web site, too:


Posted by Stefan Tilkov on June 06, 2007 at 05:21 PM CEST #

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