Incremental Deployment With Netbeans 6.1 on Vista and JDK Update N is back

I complained already several times about the Netbeans 6.0 incremental deployment of enterprise apps to Glassfish v2. To work effectively on XP/Windows you had to disable the "directory deployment" option. Doing this the whole application was uninstalled and redeployed - what was at least semi-efficient. I'm working now on a smaller Java EE 5 project - and tried the incremental deployment again. It works suprisingly well. I was able to incrementally redeploy the whole EAR without any problems - the performance was really good (seconds), actually great. A hint: you have to use the "Run" option, rather than "Undeploy And Deploy"...

It works well - I had only to redeploy the whole app once, because of addition of an additional ejb-jar -> what is o.k.

Btw. Netbeans 6.1beta runs still stable on JDK 1.6 update 10 (N) - is rock solid. I only experiences some minor rendering problems with the small auto-completion pop up. It happened only once - and I couldn't reproduce it.


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